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Since 1993, we have assisted businesses from foundation to growth, from new shareholders to acquisitions, in Italy and abroad.


We provide professional services including:
Corporate Tax Law and Advice 90%
International Tax Law and Advice 95%
Tax Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisition 60%
Advanced Procedure Agreement and Transfer Pricing 70%
Litigation and Arbitration 60%
Private equity 50%
Company Management and Advisory Services 80%
Estate and Trust Planning 60%
Audits and Reviews 80%
Accounting Services 60%

Our two latest publications.

2021 -Italian Company Law
(in English – 628 pages)

The first part of this book illustrates Italian corporate law provisions, the second part gives a translation of the articles of the Civil Code with facing original text.
 Contents (download)
 Chapter one (download)
 Articles of the Italian Civil Code translated into English (selection) (download)
Can be purchased on the site Wolters Kluwer or Amazon

2019-Manuale di Fiscalità
(in Italian – 2,385 pages)

This Handbook analyses all the issues of international tax law from an Italian point of view. For each topic there is a description of Italian legislation and a link to the OECD Model Tax Convention. There are also chapters on the international aspects of VAT, anti money laundering and criminal offences.
 Contents (download)
 Chapter XI: Residence of natural persons (download)
 Chapter XIII: Residence of legal persons (download)
Can be purchased on the site Wolters Kluwer or Amazon