We offer advice in Italian, English and French to Italian and foreign companies in national and international markets. The world is your market, you need to go beyond national borders.

Incorporation of Companies

Getting off to the right start is essential. As this initial phase is often underestimated, we devote a lot more time to it. We help the client to better define the Instruments of Incorporation, Bylaws and Shareholder agreements, to enhance the contribution made by each shareholder and anticipate future scenarios for the company and for shareholders.

Taxation and Corporate Advice

We are present at every stage of the company’s life, giving sound advice on national and international tax solutions for foreign companies operating in Italy and Italian companies abroad.

Strategic support for Negotiating and Extraordinary Transactions

We assist companies during crucial moments of their development, helping them with agreements, acquisitions and mergers. All consulting or due diligence activities are normally carried out in collaboration with other professionals (lawyers, notaries, labour consultants) who may be recommended by the client or selected by us.

Compliance and Tax Litigation

Prevention is better than cure! This also applies in the tax field. We always advise clients, especially foreigners, to officially ascertain the soundness of the business solutions they intend to adopt. Thanks to the numerous books and conferences prepared in concert with institutional representatives, over the years we have forged excellent relations with public offices. This enables us to submit queries and applications in a credible way and to obtain replies and concrete agreements with the Tax Revenue Agency. We believe that the future lies in the direction of preventive compliance. Over the years we have acquired extensive experience in litigation with the Tax Revenue Agency and Customs Agency, and worked with clients to implement the most appropriate defence in individual cases.

National and European facilities

To avoid missing major funding or state aid opportunities, we work with colleagues specialising in the search for tenders in Italy (regional and national) and Europe.

Financial and Taxation feasibility studies

We enthusiastically help young companies and Start-ups to draw up Business plans and Industrial plans.

Accounting solutions

We always propose cloud-based accounting (using software platforms provided by leading accountancy software makers in Italy). This creates a certain flexibility in accounting work: in the early stages our firm can manage accounting, then we can train a company employee to manage the accounts, periodically checking the work carried out, or for more independent firms we are able to acquire data from them for financial and income statements.

Tax Advice for individuals and families

We help families to deal with the very delicate generational transition of businesses, and assist the client with the management of investment and real estate assets.

Updates and News

We have our own extranet where we publish articles and circulars of use to customers (site access is reserved for our clients).